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The Fendi WOC bag is both beautiful AND practical which is quite rare for designer bags.

I’m a huge fan of the monogram canvas bags from Louis Vuitton and the classic Fendi logo is just as nice. I love how just the flap has the logo on it rather than the entire bag as the logo is quite bold and could look too much. Breaking up the patterns with the red motif and the black makes it look so much more elegant!

I love how the interior of the bag mirrors a wallet and has card slots, room for notes and a zipped pocket which you can put coins in. There is no need to take a card holder or purse with you as this bag has it all! This means that you don’t have the added weight in your bag and you have more room to put in your essentials (makeup ofc!)

One of the many things I love about this bag is its versatility. It can be worn as a cross body bag, shoulder bag and a clutch! So it’s perfect for all occasions and outfits. The chain is super light so if you did want to wear it as a cross body or shoulder bag, your shoulders definitely won’t ache!

This bag is one of my favourites in my collection! As said before, it’s super versatile and can be worn with everything and anything! I’ve left the link down below incase you wanted to check it out for yourself!

Lots of love

- K xx


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